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Meeting Notices

Meeting notes for all regular and special meetings and/or agendas are available below.

2023-11-20 Notice of Regular Meeting & Agenda

2023-11-15 Homeowner’s Task Force Notice

2023-09-08 Notice of Special Meeting and Agenda

2023-08-13 Notice to Metropolitan District Residents

2023-04-10 Posting Regular Meetings Notice

2023-03-20 Notice of Cancellation

2023-03-20 Notice Of Regular Meeting and Agenda

2023-02-09 Self-Nomination Form – 4 Year Term

2023-02-09 Self-Nomination Form – 2 Year Term

2023-02-09 May 2023 Call for Nominations

2022-11-14 Notice of Regular Meetings and Agenda

2022-02-21 Notice of Regular Meetings and Agenda