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In partnership with Arapahoe County, the City of Centennial and other valuable entities, Dove Valley Metropolitan District continues its commitment to the community by improving signage, trails, streets, signals and street lighting. Projects such as those listed below have resulted in continued economic growth and sustainability. These Dove Valley amenities meet the goal of providing “work, play, live” opportunities in the greater Denver metro area!


Renaming / Wayfinding / Street Signage / Identity Monumentation

Consistency of street names, directional signage and monumentation all create ease of travel and a sense of place.

The District is actively pursuing renaming of roads to avoid abrupt name changes resulting in confusion when traveling. For example, recently the renaming of S. Atchison Street to become all S. Blackhawk (continuously from Arapahoe Road south) was implemented.  It should be noted that most properties adjacent to proposed street renaming, are currently undeveloped properties.

The District is currently proposing to the City of Centennial, street signage throughout Dove Valley, utilizing the Dove Valley branding so as to establish Dove Valley as a destination and to provide a sense of community.


In keeping with the above theme, the District has installed monumentation and directional signage at the following locations:

  • AMI Healthcare Plaza – Centennial Medical Plaza
  • Dove Valley Regional Park
  • Dove Valley Business Park

…with further identity monumentation planned at the following locations:

  • Centennial Airport Center
  • Jordan / Arapahoe Ltd.
  • Arapahoe Road Industrial Park

Pedestrian Trails

Dove Valley boasts over 8 miles of trails with an additional 9 trail miles planned in the near future.  This community features over 85 acres of parkland. These park areas have evolved from a community park to a regional park that serves numerous businesses and residents and contributes to the beauty of the entire area.  Below are the most recent planned and/or completed trail projects.

  • Happy Canyon Trail and Bridge – construction of this project was completed in 2016.
  • Lone Tree Creek Trail – this project is under consideration.
  • Fremont Avenue Urban Trail to Cherry Creek – this trail was completed in September, 2014. Recently the Parker Jordan Metropolitan District has expressed interest in pursuing jointly, the extension of this trail, east of Jordan Road to connect up with the Cherry Creek Regional Trail.
  • Broncos Parkway Urban Trail – construction of this project is currently underway.

Street Improvements and Traffic Signals

As the District grows, street improvements and additional traffic signals provide traffic management and effective vehicular and pedestrian movement. As warrants are met, intersections can be improved to provide additional safety and ease of travel. Below are the most recent planned and/or completed street and traffic signal improvement projects:

  • Broncos Parkway reconstruction and widening (to 6 lanes) – this project was constructed and completed in partnership with Arapahoe County. 
  • Briarwood Ave. / Potomac St. Traffic Signal – this project was constructed and completed in partnership with the City of Centennial and CDOT.
  • A portion of S. Fairplay St. – this project was constructed and completed in 2015, in partnership with SEMSWA.
  • Fremont Avenue / Eagle Street Intersection Realignment – this project was constructed and completed in 2016.
  • Briarwood / Peoria Traffic Signal – this project will be constructed in partnership with the City of Centennial in the near future.
  • Other Roads – currently being designed and engineered is Hannibal Circle between Fairplay St. and S. Jordan Rd.

Street Lighting

In an effort to provide attractive street lighting and safety, Dove Valley Metropolitan District continues to install street lighting along major corridors. In recent years, street lights have been installed by the District at the following locations:

  • on the west side of S. Potomac Street
  • on Broncos Parkway
  • on the west side of Jordan Road
  • on a portion of E. Mineral Avenue

Additional street lighting is currently under consideration for the northern quadrant of the District; and in the southern quadrant of the District on S. Potomac St. (S. of Chambers Road); E. Otero Ave.; S. Fairplay St. and the remainder of E. Mineral Ave.